Burradon and Camperdown 
Postmaster, Ken Roddam retires
I imagine on that auspicious day in 1992 when Ken opened the door to the post office in Burradon for th first time that he or any of his customers would have believed that he would have such a profound effect on the lives of so many people.
Visiting the post office quickly developed into a social occasion rather than an opportunity to collect a pension or send a parcel. Ken quickly developed a unique rapport with his customers and in a short period of time, he developed a special bond which was to last until the day of his retirement. The post office developed into the centre of community life in the village and it became a part of people’s social life.
Irrespective of the length of the queue, Ken was always willing to pass the time of day with people and to many he was a vital lifeline for many residents in the village. In times of tragedy, he offered people his unconditional support and guidance and he would help them to overcome most situations.
The announcement that the post office was closing was a devastating blow for the entire community and people’s minds quickly turned to concern for Ken and the effect on him which galvanised the community into action.
It was evident that Ken’s retirement was to be an occasion which his friends were determined to commemorate and strangely it contributed enormously to reviving community spirit within the village with people rallying to the cause.
In the past two weeks, Ken has attended many presentations and he has received many valuable presents from all sections of the community. However, I imagine that the most precious gift that he has received has been the affection and respect of a community and hopefully the realisation that during the past 22 years he has helped to enrich the lives of so many people in our small community.
Best wishes and a long and happy retirement to both you and June and no matter where your journey in life takes you, the people of Burradon and Camperdown will always remember you.


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