Burradon and Camperdown 
day trips
Burradon Luncheon Club on Tour
We are delighted to announce that the Dulverton Trust has generously donated £990.00 to fund a number of day trips for the members of the Burradon Luncheon Club.
The trips will provide the members with an opportunity to leave the village for the day and visit new places with their friends and hopefully have many fun and enjoyable experiences.
Excursions have been organised for 9 August 2011 to Dalton Park, Mainsgate Farm and Richmond Town and on the 23 August 2011 to Heighley Gate, Seahouses and Warkworth. Further trips are to be organised for September and we hope to have some photographs of the trips for the website in the Autumn.
The Burradon and Camperdown Forum wish to express our gratitude to the Dulverton Trust for its generosity which has provided many of the residents with an opportunity to participate in the day trips. Furthermore, we are extremely grateful to the Community Foundation for its support and particularly to Jane Roberts Morpeth and Vivienne Rodgers.