Restoration of the Scroll

The Restoration of the Scroll to the Burradon Colliery Disaster of 2nd March 1860


In 1895, the miners of Burradon Colliery commissioned local artist Charles Dawson to create a memorial to the memory of the men and boys killed in the disaster at Burradon Colliery of 2nd March 1860.The scroll had been a permanently exhibited at the Burradon Miners Institute and during the subsequent years, it’s condition had deteriorated following the miner's efforts to repair minor damage that it suffered.


The Burradon & Camperdown Forum(“The Forum”) was instigated a campaign to raise the funds to repair and restore the scroll and it was to become a symbol of the resident’s efforts to revive civic pride and community spirit.


Northumbria University’s was appointed to complete the restoration of the scroll and part of its PHD course in Fine Art restoration and Mr Richard Mulholland was given the unenviable task of completing the restoration of an important historical artifact.


A ceremony was held on 11th July 2010 at Burradon Primary School and local dignitaries, residents, and students attended to witness the unveiling of the recently restored scroll. Burradon Primary School is the official custodian of the scroll and all of the village’s historical artifacts which are permanently displayed.

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on Mar 13, 2018

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