Burradon and Camperdown 
noise pollution
Entek International Limited
“Sleepless in Burradon”

Complaints have been received during the past few months regarding a droning noise which has been disturbing residents sleep which we referred to North Tyneside Council’s Environmental Department and the Environment Agency.

Investigations revealed that the noise was emanating from Entek International Limited’s (“Entek”) factory, Camperdown. It transpired that two large fans on the site are responsible for the noise and the Environment Agency recommended that Entek modify the fans to reduce the level and tone of the noise.

Entek have instructed a specialist to evaluate the noise on the site and produce a management plan to reduce the noise to an acceptable level. Specialist equipment has been ordered and will hopefully be installed within 2-3 weeks which will finally resolve the issue. It should be acknowledged that Entek have been extremely co-operative and are working with all parties to successfully address the situation.

In the event that residents require any further information, please contact the following:

Neil Thompson, Environment Agency: 01325 376162 or neil.thompson@environment-agency.gov.uk

Graham Donachie, Environment Agency: 0191-2034112 or graham.donachie@environment-agency.gov.uk

Claire Wilson or Frances McClen, North Tyneside Council 0191-6436640/6645