Monument to Evil is Demolished

The unexpected demolition of the former police on Station Road, Camperdown was greeted with surprise and welcomed by residents of the village.

Although, the derelict appearance of the Police House was an issue for members of the community, it was memory of the crimes which were committed at the property was the fundamental concern of local residents. The Police House was a monument to the evil crimes.

S V Rutter Development’s (“The Developer”) purchase of the property has been universally welcomed in the village and residents are anxious that the site is redeveloped as quickly as possible. Although the Police House has been demolished, an area of dereliction still remains.

The developer has submitted 2 schemes for approval which were subsequently and inexplicably rejected, despite the plans for the subsequent development being prepared in conjunction with the planning officers. The community supported the plans for the 12 apartments which would have provided affordable accommodation for local people to purchase. 
We appreciate the developers continued commitment to the development of the site and we understand that negotiations with the planning department are continuing to agree a scheme which will be acceptable to all parties

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